Rally Your Team for Virtual Tour DaVita!

See how other leaders around the Village are getting their teams pumped up.


“My team is getting active in a fun new way with goat yoga! We will do a yoga session followed by a park walk as a team to get those extra steps in. We’ll close out the first day of Tour and our time together over a meal. We haven’t been able to be together much since last year, so there will surely be a lot of catching up to do!”

Cindy Collins

Sr. Director, Wisdom Creative Services


“What an important year to participate in Tour DaVita! Team Pegasus is aiming to double participation and funds raised this year. Tour DaVita is a fantastic way to rally behind the Bridge of Life Mission and re-center on our Trilogy of Care—caring for our patients, caring for each other, and caring for our world.”

Jeremy Jensen

Vice President, Team Pegasus


Our goal is to form groups in sizes that will allow for a virtual “campfire” chat session each night during the Tour, and we’re working now on ways to make that last night really special. Each session will let teammates see and talk with their teams and share how, though different than in years past, the “Spirit of the Ride” is alive and well in their hearts, minds and even in their families. Finally, we will encourage each team to work together and come up with a signature name for themselves.

Tim Brown

Group FA Maxton Dialysis, NC

Why Should I Participate?

Activity is good for our physical AND mental well-being!

Bridge of Life is a great organization that helps people all over the world who don’t have good access to health care.

Group activity helps us connect with others. Invite your friends and family!

Put the FUN in Fundraising!

  • Have a team shirt custom designed. Reach out to Wisdom Creative Services (WCS) for help.
  • Issue a challenge: The person who rallies the most (non-DaVita) participants wins a Tour DaVita T-shirt, backpack or other swag.
  • Walk, hike or bike with your immediate family. Host a virtual challenge.
  • Have a virtual dance party.
  • Have an outdoor scavenger hunt.
  • Play a non-contact sport like tennis or badminton.
  • Have a virtual jump rope or hula hoop contest.
  • Virtually play a physical video game.
  • Host or participate in a virtual workout.
  • Encourage everyone to send a pic of themselves (training or walking or..?) for your next Homeroom Meeting.
  • Things to post on social media:
    • A pic of yourself walking/running/biking/hiking to get ready for Virtual Tour
    • A pic of your family being active
    • A screen shot of your donor page with a link
    • All with links to your donor page