For A Good Cause

Fundraising Tips for Tour DaVita “Move It”
  • Lead the Way. Start your fundraising off by making the first donation yourself—it’s more likely to motivate others.

  • Reach Out to Family and Friends. Call or email as you feel comfortable. It’s good form to start with a quick personal message to each recipient. Don’t forget the all-important link to your fundraising page!

  • Tell Them About Bridge of Life and Why It Matters to You. A good description you can copy and paste into your email or social media post is: Bridge of Life works year-round to strengthen health care globally through sustainable programs that prevent and treat chronic disease, and currently to combat COVID-19, with its partners in vulnerable communities around the world. This is important to me because ______. (You could also put this into your own words.)

  • After Email, Post on Social Media. A great strategy is to tag and thank your donors on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram, while at the same time asking for new donations. This spreads your message faster and builds the momentum!

  • Send Follow-up Emails. Your first group of contacts may have intended to donate but forgot. Use email to keep your contacts updated as you reach different milestones toward your goal, or have other “news” to share, and meanwhile encourage those who haven’t yet responded.

  • Keep it Moving! Keep thanking your donors on social media, tagging them, and finding new tidbits about Bridge of Life (or your own personal reason for Moving It) to share.