Fresh Ideas for Virtual Tour Activities

There’s strength in numbers—and whether your Tour DaVita team is 100+ people or just you and a friend, look inside to find creative ways to make our 2021 Tour DaVita more fun than you ever imagined!

Go to the Zoo

A person walks about 1-3 miles at an average zoo

Organize a Scavenger Hunt

Kids of all ages love a scavenger hunt. Here are some ideas:

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Rent a Kayak

Take to the water and paddle away

Disc Golf

Try your hand at this fun, fast growing game.

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Take Furry Friends to the Dog Park

Throw the ball, run alongside your dog or take advantage of the doggie obstacle course

Swim Laps at your Local Pool

Burn calories in the most refreshing way possible

Hike it Out

Find a trail to explore and get back to nature