Teams come to the Tour!

Unlock a new level of fun with Tour Teams! Anyone can create or join a team.
What’s exciting about Teams?

Teams are the easiest way to boost your fundraising efforts. As a team, you can set team themes and goals, as well as reach potential donors and let supporters choose to make donations to your group as a whole.

Teams are also just plain fun while also inspiring competition. Pick a theme, dress alike, invent a team cheer, song or dance….release the creativity of your inner team members!

Team members can include co-workers, friends, family, clients, vendors -- anyone!

Create a Team

Designate a Team Captain

Designate a captain to create the team, recruit members, and lead the team. Team Captains set fundraising & challenge goals , manage the fundraising page, and motivate and inspire team members.

Team Fundraising Goal

Set a team fundraising goal and aim for the top of the Team Fundraising Leaderboard. All general donations to the Team as well as donations to individual team members will be included in your tally.

Team Challenge Goal

Set a team challenge goal (total miles) and aim for the top of the Team Challenge Leaderboard! Whether your teammates are walking, biking, or have a custom challenge. All team member distances will be included in your tally during the weekend of the Tour.

Join a Team

Join a team and help that team reach its fundraising and challenge goals!

Once registered for the Tour, you can join any team by clicking on the “JOIN TEAM” button on any Team Page or Team Listing/Leaderboard.

Be a top fundriser

Climb to the top of the Team fundraising leaderboard

Climb to the top of the Team fundraising leaderboard